Water Softening SystemsDayton Water Systems specializes in water treatment solutions. We service all aspects of water treatment for our customers, from design and installation through aftermarket maintenance and repair. Our team can handle jobs of any size or complexity—there is no job too big or too small.

What is Water Softening?

Hard water contains mineral salts calcium, iron, and magnesium that cause scaling. Scale deposits can damage plumbing and interfere with the efficacy of industrial processes, such as rinsing, washing, and mixing. Water softeners rely on a principle called ion exchange, wherein the dissolved scale-forming ions in the water are replaced with sodium ions that won’t facilitate scale formation. This contributes to longer service life for plumbing and process piping, as well as better general water purity and making cleaning solutions more effective

Our Water Softening Systems

At Dayton Water Systems, we offer a variety of water softening systems to support myriad commercial and industrial applications.

Light Industrial & Commercial Systems:

  • Twin Alternating Water Softeners. Our Light Industrial Twin Alternating Water Softeners offer capacities ranging from 20,000–300,000 grains per tank and processing volumes from 13–47 gallons per minute. The dual-tank design provides uninterrupted service for heavy residential or light commercial/industrial use by having one tank online and another in regeneration or standby mode.
  • Single Tank Metered Water Softener. With capacities from 20,000–1.2 million grains and processing volumes of 15–280 gallons per minute, our Single Tank Metered Water Softener Systems feature economical salt usage and outstanding service. All wetted components comply with NSF61 standards.

Industrial & Commercial Systems:

  • Dual Parallel Tank Interlock Metered Water Softeners. These industrial water softeners can handle 200,000–1.2 million grains per tank and water processing volumes of 136–560 gallons per minute. Our Dual Interlock Water Softeners are designed specifically to provide high flow rates in applications that require uninterrupted service. Both tanks operate in parallel or demand recall and regenerate automatically with service interlock.. All wetted components comply with NSF61 standards.
  • Twin Alternating Water Softeners. These Twin Alternating Water Softeners feature enhanced capacity over our lighter industrial/commercial model, with capacities from 200,000–1.2 million grains per tank and 68–280 gallons per minute. One tank is always in service while the other remains in standby or generation mode. These water softeners are best suited for applications that need uninterrupted service with flow rates above 35 gallons per minute.
  • Triplex Water Softeners. Triplex Water Softeners are designed for higher-volume operations, with grain capacities ranging from 60,000–3.6 million per tank and gallons per minute from 45–639. Regenerations may be controlled by meter or calander timer.
  • Quadplex Water Softeners. With four available tanks, our Quadplex Water Softener system offers maximum water softening volume, with tank capacities ranging from 320,000–4.8 million grains and production from 132–852 gallons per minute. Regenerations occur via a highly configurable service configuration that best meets the needs of the application.

Water Softening Systems From Dayton Water Systems

Water softening is essential to water purity in an expansive range of commercial and industrial operations and processes. At Dayton Water Systems, we offer water softening systems to meet any need. To see how our solutions can help improve water quality in your commercial or industrial operation, please contact us.