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What is a Dealkalizer?

The alkalinity of water plays a significant role in boiler operations and other industrial processes that involve the production of steam. Carbonates, bicarbonates, and hydroxides occur naturally in bodies of water, which significantly raises the alkalinity of most feedwater used for steam generation. 

While it would seem that high alkalinity might combat corrosive impact of acids, the opposite is actually true. When heated to produce steam, the naturally occurring carbonates, bicarbonates, and hydroxides break down to produce carbon dioxide and carbonic acid, which will inevitably build up and corrode boiler system components and condensate lines.  

Raw water alkalinity can be addressed in numerous ways:

  • Shorter cycle times. Operating boilers in shorter cycles may somewhat mitigate the negative impacts of high-alkaline water, but this process wastes significant amounts of energy.
  • Increased blowdowns. Frequently blowing out water and replacing it with new feedwater can help to avoid the buildup of unwanted minerals, but the process also wastes energy by expelling heated water from the system.
  • Chemical treatments. While chemical treatments exist to help protect condensate lines and other system components, overuse of these chemicals can drive up operational costs significantly. 
  • Dealkalization. Dealkalizing the water removes carbonate ions and replaces them with chloride ions. This limits the creation of corrosive elements during steam production. Dealkalizers improve the performance of the boiler, lessen corrosion in condensate lines, reduce dependency on chemical treatments, and lower operational and fuel costs. 

Dealkalizer System From Dayton Water Systems

Dealkalizers from Dayton Water Systems are designed and manufactured for outstanding, uninterrupted service. All brass valves, fiberglass mineral tanks, polyethylene brine tanks, and high-quality polystyrene resin are manufactured for reliable operation, and regenerations are initiated by a meter with fully adjustable controls. With one tank always online and a second in regeneration or standby mode, no untreated water will ever need to enter the system.

Useful for commercial or industrial applications, our line of Twin Alternating Dealkalizers feature flow rates between 30-60 GPM, standard range meters of 1,250-21,250 gallons, extended range meters of 6,250-106,250 gallons, and Pentair 2900 and Pentair 3150 valves. The operating requirements include:

  • Pressure: 25-125 psi
  • Hardness: less than 1GPG
  • Temperature: 35-100°F
  • Electrical: 120/60, 5 amps
  • Turbidity: 5 NTU max
  • Chlorine: 1 PPM max
  • Iron: 2 PPM max

Dayton Water Systems offers three models of Twin Alternating Dealkalizer to choose from. Of note, capacity is based on the manufacturer’s data of specified service flow rates that were free of color, oil, and turbidity. All systems experience less than 15 psi drop at continuous flow rate and no more than 25 psi drop at peak flow rate, but it’s important to use minimum capacity when sizing your unit. Our team is happy to help you select the best Twin Alternating Dealkalizer unit for your needs. 

Model Number DSDLK102-7 DSDLK152-7 DSDLK202-7
Maximum capacity by regenerant (grains/tank), Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)* NaCl: 70,000

NaOH: 100,000

NaCl: 105,000

NaOH: 150,000

NaCl: 140,000

NaOH: 200,000

Resin (cubic feet per tank) 10 15 20
Salt required 100 150 200
Mineral tank size (inches) 24×72 30×72 36×72
Brine tank size (inches) 39×48 50×48 50×48
Salt storage capacity 1800 2300 2300
Service flow range (continuous GPM) 16 28 40
Service flow rate (peak GPM) 35 55 80
Drain flow rate (max GPM) 7 10 15
Valve pipe size (inches) 2 2 2

*0.25 lbs. per cubic foot of rayon grade sodium hydroxide can be added to the regenerant solution to increase the resin’s capacity for alkalinity and CO2.

Dealkalizers From Dayton Water Systems

Dealkalizers are essential for optimizing the service life of condensate lines and other components in boilers and steam-generating equipment. At Dayton Water Systems if the standard offering does not meet the requirements we can manufacture dealkalizer equipment to meet the service requirement. To see how our solutions can help control the alkalinity of input water in your commercial or industrial operation, please contact us.