Dayton Water Systems designs, installs and maintains all forms of Pre-Treatment, Reclamation and Post-Treatment water process systems. With years of experience, our engineers work to provide you with the most cost effective systems to handle all your water treatment needs.

“All water treatment, whether Industrial or Commercial, breaks down into several basic application dependent upon the individual process needs, Pre-treatment and Post-Treatment. In the past, used or process water was just dumped down the drain. With ever increasing water and sewer rates, dwindling supplies of clean fresh water, more involved process water requirement (exp: EDM usage), and the ever more stringent EPA rules and regulations the days of single use and then discharge of untreated water are quickly coming to an end.”

What this means to our clients:

  • Cost savings
  • Efficient water treatment for your Industrial / Commercial needs.
  • Operation dependability.
  • Recovery of metals and reducing waste water costs.
  • Meeting EPA guidelines.


Dayton Water Systems designs, builds, installs and services water treatment systems for all types of commercial clients.

  • Motels, Retirement campuses and Laundries benefit from low mineral hardness water that extends the life of fixtures and equipment and maximizes the effectiveness of detergents.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops use low mineral content treated water to minimize spotting and make consumables like coffee more flavorful.  
  • Car washes and auto detailing shops use low mineral content water to prevent spotting on finished surfaces.
  • Water amusement parks and aquariums require water that has been treated for specific impurities. 

General Industries 

Since 1939 Dayton Water Systems has been developing water treatment systems for a multitude of industries.

  • Electronics manufactures use low mineral content water to aid in the production of solid state components.
  • Chemical manufactures and platers use treated water to blend final product and rinse plating solutions from treated parts.
  • Boiler and cooling tower water treatment covers a vast array of businesses and companies.
  • General machining and wire EDM companies use treated water to enhance the manufacturing process.
  • Semiconductor manufacturers use very high purity water in the chip manufacturing process.  Also fixture manufacturers for semiconductor industries require water purity that meets the highest of standards.
  • Manufacturing waste water treatment to meet the local municipal discharge requirements.


Dayton Water Systems designs, builds, & installs water treatment systems for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices.

  • Laboratories and medical facilities use high purity reagent grade water for testing an analysis. 
  • Medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies require high purity water that meets FDA standards.    
  • Medical cannabis growers use treated water for the cultivation of products.