Dayton Water Systems designs, installs and maintains all

forms of Pre-Treatment, Reclamation and Post-Treatment

water process systems. With years of experience, our

engineers work to provide you the most cost effective

systems to handle all your water treatment needs.


  “All water treatment, whether Industrial or Commercial, breaks down into several basic application dependent upon the individual process needs, Pre-treatment and Post-Treatment. In the past, used or process water was just dumped down the drain.  With ever increasing water and sewer rates, dwindling supplies of clean fresh water, more involved process water requirement (exp: EDM usage), and the ever more stringent EPA rules and regulations the days of single use and then discharge  of untreated water are quickly coming to an end.”


What this means to our clients:

  • Cost savings

  • Efficient water treatment for your Industrial / Commercial needs.

  • Operation dependability.

  • Recovery of metals and reducing waste water costs.

  • Meeting EPA guidelines.




Methods of Water Treatment for Process water:


Filtration aa

  •       Filtration is the most basic water or any fluid treatment.

  •       Mechanical removal of unwanted suspended particulars.

  •       Can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating sand, dirt, or other particles  that cause        malfunction of equipment.

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softener kings island

  •    Removal of the calcium, magnesium, and iron that can foul equipment.

  •    Higher cycle of concentration can be realized in both boilers and cooling towers.

  •    Stops hard water deposit build up on jets and fixtures.

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2015-05-09_1028_#4 copy

  •  When filtering and softening doesn’t get enough Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your incoming process water, then an RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems are installed.

  •   RO units will remove up to 90% of Total Dissolved Solids.

  •   RO units will greatly help to minimize unwanted mineral deposits left on surfaces from untreated water.

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Deionizer Oct 26 aa

  •   Used when the highest quality of process water is needed.

  •    Commonly done with single service exchange tanks or larger DI systems to provide    de-ionization for process feed water is needed.

  •    Used by a multitude  of Industrial and Commercial business where ion free water is needed.

  •    Commonly used by EDM machines, in cutting solutions for CNC machining and in laboratories.

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Since 1939, we have been solving our clients water treatment requirements. Call today and take advantage of our years of experience, and our engineering skills to solve your water treatment needs.