Industrial & Commercial Customized Water Softening Systems

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When standard product doesn’t meet our customer’s needs, Dayton Water Systems engineers go to work to design a reliable system to meet your specific requirements.

   From municipal water treatment plants to power plants to hospitals and many other institutions, custom-designed water softeners are manufactured for durability, quality and cost effectiveness.


RESIN:  High-efficiency strong acid polystyrene cation resin has an exchange capacity of 30,000 grains per cubic foot with excellent chemical and physical stability.

RESIN TANKS: Carbon steel tanks, with ASME option, are epoxy lined interior and exterior coated for corrosion resistance.  Tanks have a maximum working pressure of 100 psi and temperature rating of 120 degree F.

BRINE TANK:  Polyethylene brine tanks or custom brine makers with internals are available to supple brine solution for regeneration of resin.

REGENERATION CONTROLS:  A 7 or 12 day timer or meter initiated regenerations with tank interlock to prevent simultaneous regenerations.  Fully-adjustable controls operated the 5-cycles of regeneration and service.

CONTROL VALVE:  The regeneration and service cycles of the water softener is regulated by a series of Aquamatic diaphragm valves.