Industrial & Commercial Dual Parallel Tank Interlock Softeners

Dual_Tank copy   Metered Water Softeners

  • 136- 560 gallons per minute

  • Dual Interlock System 5 Water Softeners are designed and manufactured for high flow rates and uninterrupted service.

  • Both softening tanks will be in a parallel service.

  • All brass valves, fiberglass mineral tanks, polyethylene brine tank, and high-quality polystyrene resin are manufactured in the USA for dependable operation.

  • Regeneration are initiated when a preset volume of water passes through the water meters.

  • Each control valve is equipped with a water meter and fully adjustable controls.

  • When a meter zeros out, the system places the exhausted tank into regeneration.

  • An interlock will prevent the second tank from simultaneous regeneration.

  • Electronic timer, as shown above, and hard water bypass are available as option.

dws 5 final