Industrial & Commercial Continuous Ultra Pure Electrodeionization Systems

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  • Dayton Water Systems EDI design combines two well established technologies, electro dialysis and ion exchange resins deionization.

  • Through this technique, dissolved salts are removed with low energy cost and without a need for chemicals.  This result is high-quality water with multi-megohm resistivity which can produce continuously at substantial flow rates.

  • The need to satisfy the increasing demand for high purity water can be achieved using electrodeionization (EDI) Technology.

  • EDI process systems replace conventional DI mixed resin beds to produce deionized water. Unlike DI resins, EDI does not require down time for replacing or regenerating resin beds that require chemical usage. Because of this, EDI minimizes water quality upsets, operating and capital costs.

  • EDI removes ions from aqueous streams, typically in conjunction with reverse osmosis (RO) and other purification devices. EDI may be run continuously or intermittently to produce ultra pure water up to 18.2 million ohms in resistivity.

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