COMPACT Reverse Osmosis Systems


When filtering or softening doesn’t produce the required water quality, say for critical parts rinsing, RO units will reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (know commonly as TDS) by up 90% giving relatively contaminant free water. RO units help minimize rejection of parts due to unwanted mineral deposits being left on the surface as can happen when untreated water is used for rinsing.
Here again the type and size of RO unit is dependent upon the client’s need.
Dayton Water Systems provides three basic level of RO systems: COMPACT SERIES, ECONOMY SERIES, K SERIES

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Reverse Osmosis Systems producing between 380 and 2,550 gallons per day.

Providing quality, demineralized water at a fraction of the operating costs of deionizers.

RO’s reduce dissolved solids, bacteria, pyrogens and organics.  All systems are heavy duty, pre-assembled, and tested before delivery.

Reverse Osmosis systems are designed and manufactured for dependable service.

Many standard features are included with all our systems to provide the most efficient and reliable design possible.

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